Trickling down from the Appalachian Mountains and breaking down the walls of Nashville emerge a fresh new music scene in the Bluegrass state. There were once Jamborees, Dance Halls, and Honky Tonks that roared out the same music for years, eventually meeting their demise. Fast forward to today, and it couldn't be more different. There are now a vast variety of Singer/Songwriters, Rock Bands, Hip Hop Artists, and good old fashion kick your teeth in Country. None are more on the forefront of this new scene than Alex Napier & DayBreak.

The trio is made up of lead vocalist/lead guitarist Alex Napier, Bassist Dave Meridith, 

The band traveled to Nashville to the world famous Blackbird Studios. With the expert engineers and the bands preparation, they were able to finish a full, 8 song Studio Album entitled (Traveling Religion) in just 4 days. The first Single " Bible Study" was released on May 20, 2022. Following the single the band had their Album Release and sold out Release party on July 8, 2022. In addition to their work as musicians, the band has raised money and awareness for Veterans in their home state.